Our Story

The Younghearts Collection is a labour of love devised between former pro footballer Joe Thompson, and his business partner and NHS key worker Elly Holland, who were drawn together over their passion for inspiring and encouraging their own children to be whoever and whatever they want to be. Co Founders Elly and Joe

Born as the result of the Coronavirus pandemic, the pair first met when Joe spotted Elly selling t-shirts at a local makers market and they instantly hit it off. Joe was so impressed with the quality of Elly’s products and messaging, that it wasn’t long before they became business partners and the Younghearts Collection was born.

As a result of beating cancer not once, but twice, Joe found himself unable to continue playing the sport he loved professionally, retiring from football in 2019, and instead found a passion for sharing his life story as a motivation speaker, now traveling the country as an Elite Mindset Mentor while alongside being a football pundit, regularly appearing on MuTV and BBC Radio Manchester.

It will come as no surprise that throughout Joe’s life mental health has had a huge role to play, and with Elly working for the NHS the pair are married together perfectly in their belief that promoting a positive mental attitude and inspiring the younger generation are a fundamentally important part of life.

Sustainably and ethically produced, all t shirts are made with 100% organic cotton using certified producers and printed with water-based inks containing no plastics, PVC or toxic chemicals. The brand holds very high ethical standards and are respectful to the planet every step of the way - and all packaging is reusable and fully biodegradable.

As well as feeding youngsters hearts and minds with the brands inspirational messaging, Joe and Elly also wanted to support children that are most in need by helping feed young bellies too, with a charitable donation of £1 per item purchased donated directly to food banks across the UK. So buying from Younghearts also means you’re contributing to a great cause.

Co-Founder, Joe Thompson, said: “The next generation are at the forefront of Younghearts. We want everyone to really embody the messages on their t-shirts because we truly believe every child should embrace their individuality and let their spirit shine bright. The future belongs to them and it starts today by empowering them.”

Founder, Elly Holland, added: “The pandemic has been such a strange and unsettling time, that we wanted to create something to spread positivity and give back to our community. We didn’t want to produce just another slogan t-shirt, each one of our designs has meaning as we as a brand aim to empower little hearts and minds to be who they want to be.”